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Keynote Speaker: Chad Littlefield


I know what you are thinking! Another announcement! YES! This event is getting better and better every day! We cannot WAIT TO MAKE IMPACT! I sure hope you all don’t miss out! We have the pleasure to partner with Speaker and co-founder of We! ™ Chad Littlefield.

Chad Littlefield is the co-founder of We!™ His passion and energy for connecting people becomes immediately apparent when working with him. Chad has shared his energy through designing and delivering programs for technology companies, startups, and nonprofits, as well as on the stage at TEDx. You can click here to see a link to Chad’s TEDx talk. As a professional speaker and facilitator, Chad designs fun, challenging, and engaging experiences and tools that connect people to people, and people to ideas. Concepts that come up in programs with We!™ include how to Ask Powerful Questions, Take Positive Social Risks, Build Relationships of Trust, Lead by Design, and Navigate Difficult Conversations. He has also worked as an instructor at Penn State University teaching students the art and science of team development facilitation and dialogue facilitation. Chad holds a masters degree in Learning, Design, & Technology from Penn State University, and believes in the deeper learning that comes through experience. He captures this philosophy in his new book titled: a Pocket Guide to Facilitation Human Connections.

Chad is currently touring the United States with his company on a mission to invest in personal development and connection building within organizations. Chad’s personal mission is to create moments worth remembering for people.

Work is also Chad’s play because he is passionate about what he does. However, when he is really playing, he can be found in a cave, on a mountain bike, underwater with a SCUBA tank on his back, or traveling the world with his wife.

He is known for bringing the energy to crowds and is looking forward to empowering the #Veterans and #Business #Professionals at 2nd Annual Businesses Paying It Forward event in Tacoma WA on August 1 2015. #E2EU2015 #BPIF4VETS

For more information on We! or to contact Chad Littlefield, visit their website.

If you don’t have tickets you can get them here:

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