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BPIF Featured Artist - Tena Duberry

Tena DuBerry, Director of the Black Women In Music Festival,

is the sound of the future and the past rolled into one. Tena DuBerry is the total package: talent, personality, beauty, elegance and intellect. Tena is an exceptional song stylist that makes each song her own, with incredible vocal dynamics and range. Tena brings together the true essence of jazz, R&B and funk combined with her touch of modern lush arrangements. Sultry, seductive, sophisticated: her soprano/alto/tenor hypnotic voice takes you where you haven’t been before.

In addition to being an exceptional Singer, Tena is also an Actress, Talk Show Host, Writer, and Producer.

Follow Tena on Facebook.

Listen to Tena's music on ReverbNation.

If you don’t have tickets you can get them here:

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