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Featured BPIF Emcee - Twan Eafford

Born in Fort Campbell, KY, to two military service members, Twan was born into the community of brotherhood and camaraderie. Traveling to different instillations all over the world he seemed to have an ear for music and comedy.

After his parents separated from the military they settled down in the home of Smuckers Jelly. Orrville, OH is where Twan realized that comedy and music were his gifts and began playing drums at church, in class, and everywhere else he could.

After college it was time for the military. Several years spent with 4th Brigade 2nd ID and a deployment later his time had come and gone. Twan went back to the music and started playing drums professionally.

He has performed with Mike Pinera (of Alice Cooper), Rocky Sandoval, Mary Lambert (Macklemores "Same Love"), Jeff Kashiwa (Grammy Nominated Jazz saxophonist), and many more. Currently the musical director for One Fam Music Group, a division of Universal Records.

Contact Twan at:

Follow Twan on Twitter: @twandrummer Follow Twan on Facebook: Twan Eafford

If you don’t have tickets you can get them here:

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