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"The Empowered To Empower You, Businesses Paying It Forward, Honoring Those Who Serve Our Country Conference was done first class and it was mind altering event. From the opening ceremony through the closing comments the listening audience was highly entertained, inspired and equipped with information that could help to make a significant difference. It was obvious that a tremendous amount of attention to detail had been given to ensure that every aspect of the event was covered. No stone was left unturned. Practically everyone exhibited a WOW moment on one or more occasions and expressed that they had a wonderful experience. The speakers spoke with power, clarity and simplicity and armed the audience with the necessary tools to make a global impact. I still encounter remnants of the conference that intensifies my desire to attend the next one!"

-Kevin Zimmerman
 "The Businesses Paying It Forward event that I attended last year was inspiring to me and my family. I learned that there are other military families going through the same type of issues as my family. One of the speakers shared how her mother was suffering with getting her compensation from the military from her dad’s death. I was actually going through the same issue with my grandmother. I was able to speak to my grandmother and let her know that she was not the only military widower going through this situation. She was so relieved to hear of the additional resources available to her in the community which brought great relief to me knowing that there was hope so she could move forward and work on getting things accomplished without the stress. It was also great to hear from the other speakers, which were incredible. They opened doors that allowed me and others to comfortably ask and speak on subject matter that we really wanted to know but was unable to ask from their professionals. Overall the conference was an inspiring event and I cannot wait until the next one in 2015.  To the public; veterans, business owners and community members…If there is a way that you could attend E2Eu events, please do because they are not only a reality check but also provide a community fellowship that does not exist anymore. A much needed service to all communities. Thank You!"

-Mrs. Onika Howard, Veteran & Community Supporter


"The Businesses Paying It Forward Conference was a tremendous blessing upon my life. It gave me an opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs who had the same goals of paying it forward as I did. As an entrepreneur, it was an amazing feeling to be able to give and share my gifts with the world through this wonderful initiative. If you are seeking opportunities to connect with other entrepreneurs in an atmosphere designed to pay it forward, help others and give back in an awesome way; the Business Paying it Forward Conference is for you. Get connected today!"

-Frenetta Tate, Founder, EmpowerMe365

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