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What Is BPIF?


Businesses Paying It Forward (BPIF) is an initiative, created to empower all types of business professionals, corporations, entrepreneurs, community leaders and other individuals to support  the needs within our communities. We believe that  forming collaborations with those who have a desire to “pay it forward” and give back by making a profound difference will have an even bigger impact on raising awareness, empowering communities, and resiliency among the business industries and those serving others. 


There are multiple ways of giving back within your community. When businesses and individuals come together in unison it creates a snowball effect that literally changes lives. Paying it Forward is not a new,  but BPIF is and a unique platform,  a first of its kind that provides something for all parties involved. When you give, you also receive!  We aren’t looking for recognition, but we are looking for all types of support so that we can simply spread the love, support the mission and relay the message while making a profound difference and continue paying it forward worldwide.  

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